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Bennett decides: he's in the race for U.S. Senate

Former Maine Senate President Rick Bennett Launches Signature Gathering Effort for Senate Race 

OXFORD – Richard A. Bennett, the former Maine Senate president, announced today he has initiated an effort to gather the 2,000 Republican signatures necessary to qualify him as candidate for the United State Senate. The deadline to turn in the signatures is March 15.

Mr. Bennett, currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of GMI Ratings, a global independent research firm focusing on corporate governance, was a four-term member of the Maine Senate and a two-term member of the Maine House of Representatives.
“I’m excited for the chance to get into this effort and to qualify as an official candidate for U.S. Senate,” Bennett said. “We are at a critical point in our state’s and our nation’s history. People are hurting. They want jobs. They want hope. They want a future for their kids. This is not time for business as usual or politics as usual."
Mr. Bennett served as Maine Senate president during a unique time in Maine’s history. During that period, there was an even split of Republican and Democratic senators, and the parties worked out a unanimous power-sharing agreement with Mr. Bennett as Senate President for one year.
“My years in public service, as a private sector CEO, and as a father have taught me a great deal about leadership,” said Mr. Bennett. “I have spent my career fighting for greater accountability both in government and in corporate America, and I would be honored and privileged to continue this fight on behalf of Maine people in the U.S. Senate.”
Mr. Bennett was the 1994 Republican nominee for U.S. Congress in Maine’s 2nd district. He received his B.A. with honors from Harvard University in 1986 and his M.B.A. from the University of Southern Maine in 2000.  He lives in Oxford with his wife Karen and teenage children Abby and Nathaniel.


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